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Personal proximity and cherished handling is our highest priority. Our expertise starts where the service of the others end.

We do not only want to be your partner when it comes to chartering, but also your partner for mobility and flexibility.

Our surplus

Andre Giebels is an experienced pilot for over 20 years. He is a training captain and exceeded the number of 18,000 flight hours in 2020.

Against this background, he has an incomparable expertise which has a great impact on the complex processes and opportunities possibilities of aviation. The topic of sustainability in aviation is important to Andre. Particular attention is therefore paid to the so-called empty legs. 40 percent of all private jet flights are Empty-Legs on a return flight to the base or to the next arrangement. Premium – Bizjets wants to put the savings potential for the environment as well as for the customer in the foreground. Amenities such as jet upgrades are often available in this case.

Our team stands for high standards in fulfilling your individual wishes. Each booking request is individually designed to avoid routines. Whether it is about standards like the “Door to Door” chauffeur service or special requests for your catering with us on board. The special attention to very young guests or your beloved pet stands out and is highly valued by many of our customers. We only work with operators that have a corresponding AOC (operating license). In addition, security standards and reputations must be above average. Young fleets and the sustainability of the disposition underline our choice. We wish you a good flight and stay healthy!



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We create your arrangement.

Individual, according to your wishes and sensitivities. Whether this is the door to door chauffeur service or your favorite catering on board. 

We take care of you.


After your booking confirmation, we will coordinate the process personally with you or your security staff so that you can enjoy your stay with ease. The last system-relevant information is entered by us.


For your individual preparation, you will receive a handout from us with all flight-relevant information. Determine how you want to spend your quality time, prepare for your next meeting, or just sit back and relax.


Arrive safely!

15 minutes before departure. There is no queue at the FBO (Fixed Base Operator), so you can get to the jet relaxed. We wish you a good time on board and thank you for the trust you have placed in us.



PREMIUM-BIZJETS is your private jet broker with over 20 years of aviation expertise. The safety when performing private flights in flight operations is paramount. We look forward to your inquiry.


Do you want to sell your aircraft?  We can list it discrete off market, or via the global platforms? We are happy to help.


Do you regularly need a business jet for a certain period of time? We help you maximize your travel flexibility. With the private jet long-term charter, you enjoy almost the same advantages as if you own a plane. This option is available from a charter period of 4 weeks.


We are happy to be your consultant when buying your private aircraft. Every business has different needs. Independent advice in matters such as aircraft purchase and management are essential to enjoy your investment for a long time.